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Retail trade

A case of exnovation evoked by the surge in E-commerce

Is E-commerce driving the decline of traditional retail?


Since a few years, e-commerce is experiencing phenomenal growth.  In parallel, independent retail is experiencing difficulties. The COVID-19 crisis and the following lockdown have certainly reinforced this trend.

Such a trend raises concerns over potential detrimental environmental impacts and the standard of living and the quality of life of inhabitants of Brussels.

The dynamics involved are however more complex than what appears at first sight. For example, online and offline channels are becoming intertwined, on both ends (retailers and consumers).

In GOSETE, we seek to address the following research questions:

Is the development of e-commerce resulting in the decline of traditional retail? Does exnovation take the form of ‘creative destruction’? What are the likely reconfigurations for the industry? And what about related sustainability issues?    

For more information on the origin of this research worksite: please read the complete dedicated article (in French)

If you are involved in this working area and you want to contribute to GOSETE by sharing your view: please contact us!

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La France veut forcer Amazon à arrêter les livraisons gratuites pour les livres

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Une manière de “mettre fin à la concurrence déloyale menée par le géant de l’e-commerce”, et de le freiner?

Petra De Sutter: “Je suis d’accord avec Paul Magnette, il faut réguler l’e-commerce”

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Selon la ministre Groen, “Les libéraux pensent que l’on va tuer l’e-commerce en le régulant. Mais si la seule façon d’avoir un e-commerce viable est d’accepter tous les abus, je n’en veux pas […]”.

La CSC tire à boulets rouges contre le travail de nuit dans l’e-commerce

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Le syndicat chrétien souhaite modifier l’avant-projet de loi du gouvernement fédéral qui vise à faciliter l’instauration du travail de nuit dans le secteur et l’implantation d’entrepôts 

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Exnovation in the Brussels Capital Region

Regine Feltkamp and Ayana Dootalieva · 02/2021
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