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The emerging concept of exnovation within Transition studies is at the very core of our Brussels-based GOSETE research project as well as of other research projects.


Exnovation refers to processes of destabilization, decline and phasing-out of carbon-intensive industries, technologies, business models et practices or that raise other systemic sustainability issues (environnemental, socioeconomic, related to urban-planning, etc.).

This is our definition. The exnovation concept within Sustainability Transitions Studies emerged only recently and its precise meaning is as yet not settled.

More info on the exnovation concept

Our GOSETE project explores the exnovation concept at the metropolitan governance level on the basis of three main worksites in Brussels.

More info on GOSETE, the project and the research team

The exnovation concept and ideas related to destabilization of established socio-technical regimes catch increasing interest among researchers and are taken up by various projects within Transitions Research and Innovation Studies.

More info on other research projects dealing with exnovation issues

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