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Our website looks also at other exnovation working areas, including those explored by other research projects, in other industries.


Blog articles · Other working areas

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Is there exnovation in agricultural policy?

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COP26: pour sortir de notre inertie face à la crise climatique, allons vers une société de l’exnovation!

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Press review · Other working areas

Animal welfare organisations call for the permanent closure of fur farms in Europe

The Brussels Times


The presence of COVID-19 infections on mink farms and the subsequent culling of 15 million mink in Denmark prompts calls to phase out fur farming in Europe.


Engie Electrabel annonce arrêter ses investissements liés à la prolongation du nucléaire



L’arrêt des sept unités belges pour 2025 confirmé par l’opérateur


L’Allemagne entérine la sortie progressive du charbon au plus tard en 2038

Le Monde


Scientific publications · Other working areas

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Exnovation in the Brussels Capital Region

Regine Feltkamp and Ayana Dootalieva · 02/2021
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Creative Destruction or Mere Niche Support?

Kivimaa, P. and F. Kern · 2016
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Events · Other working areas

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