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Our website looks also at other exnovation working areas, including those explored by other research projects, in other industries.


Blog articles · Other working areas

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Is there exnovation in agricultural policy?

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COP26: pour sortir de notre inertie face à la crise climatique, allons vers une société de l’exnovation!

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Press review · Other working areas

L’Allemagne entérine la sortie progressive du charbon au plus tard en 2038

Le Monde


Google plans to stop making A.I. tools for oil and gas firms



Scientific publications · Other working areas

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Exnovation in the Brussels Capital Region

Regine Feltkamp and Ayana Dootalieva · 02/2021
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Creative Destruction or Mere Niche Support?

Kivimaa, P. and F. Kern · 2016
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