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Everything Must Change for Everything to Stay the Same?

Prospects and Contradictions of the Electrification of the European Automotive Industry

Pardi, T.


Sase 2020 Virtual conference

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Since 1998, the European Commission has tried to reduce cars greenhouse gas emissions by regulating the average CO2 emissions of new cars sales: from 180 CO2 gr/km in 1995, to 130 gr in 2015 and 95 gr in 2021. But this policy has proved largely inefficient. While the total greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union have diminished by 16% between 2000 and 2017, those from the transport sector, which account for one fourth of the total emissions, have increased by 3%. Road transport is by far the main culprit with cars representing 60% of total transport emissions.

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Mobilité et transport

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